Miami Vice Pencil 2 Skin

The Miami Vice Pencil 2 Skin is one-part South Beach, one-part contemporary art. Stand out by wrapping your Apple Pencil 2 in this feel-good decal.

Customer Reviews

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Charlotte F.
Nice idea but...

Good idea not good implemented. I like the idea but it is not as good as it looks on the website. The skin is to short no therefore a white stripe of the apple pen can be seen and it does not stick that well. Also, some instructions to apply the skin would have been nice.

Yolanda G.
Uniqfind is AWESOME!!!

I love my Uniqfind well dressed laptop, iPhone, magic keyboard and mouse. My assistants are well dressed and professionally fashionable. When my assistants sit quietly at their station, wherever that may be, they seem to holler you know you want to look me, it’s ok you can stare. Lol I adore my workstation thanks to uniqfind’s awesome designers. My area used to look so bland and generic, now it’s warm and inviting. Uniqfind has a skin for everyone, from the macho, to the subdued to the pretty in pink like myself. lol. The cases give a polished shine to the skin. 5 stars for uniqfind. The customer service is awesome, I ruined my mouse skin, so I thought, but was able with a bit of persistence to get it on perfectly. I emailed them about my struggle and they actually sent me another mouse cover free. I love, 💗 ❤️ this product. If I could give it more stars I would. I highly recommend this uniqfind products. 💕 ❤️ 💗

Terrazzo Pencil 2 Skin

This skin was a bit of a challenge to apply smoothly since it's so small. I wish it were one piece instead of three, though I'm not sure if that would make it easier to apply. The dot that goes on the back end of the pencil wouldn't stick, so I just used the main body sticker and the tip sticker. I like that it matches my iPad skin and that the pencil still attaches and charges to the iPad with this skin on.

Natasha H.
Cutest Pencil!

Love the print quality of the stickers as well as the fit. Wasn’t too sure of the order on how to place the tip of the pencil sticker and the main sticker together though, and would appreciate maybe some instructions or pictures (I tried to search instagram) for the Apple Pencil 2 sticker. And how it should be placed.

Nonetheless, happy with my product!! Thank you!

Lauren H.
Cute accessory to spice up Apple pencil

I love the print of this Apple pencil sticker. It feels comfortable for the most part while writing, however, my pencil skin doesn't touch completely at the seam which can dig into my fingers. I'm not sure if that's because the measurements are just a tad small or if I applied it incorrectly. Which I wouldn't know because Uniqfind didn't include application instructions for the pencil like they did for my laptop skin.