White Grid Line iPhone 12 Pro Max Skin + Case

The White Grid iPhone 12 Pro Max Skin is delightfully minimal. Get on the grid and give your iPhone 12 Pro Max a clean, balanced look with this one-of-a-kind Skin.

Customer Reviews

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Flawless application ruined by case

I have a new obsession with sage green and wish apple would get rid of their ugly colors but alas I finally gave into buying a skin. Surprised by how easy the application is and absolutely loved how it looked without a case but I need one with how clumsy I am. I opted out of buying their case which i’m unsure if it’s “formulated” to just work with their skins or what but products made to only work with their brand is never cool because I had a $80 case already. I gently pushed my phone into my case because I figured the skin adhesive wasn’t super strong and of course ruined the edges. Luckily I don’t mind the silver lined edges of my phone. Overall I love that my phone looks like it came as sage green from behind my case, however I did waste the other pieces because there was no way to fit my phone in a case without it being ruined. Be wary about that when buying their clear case because if it does the same thing, it’s not worth it. And if it’s loose enough to insert your phone in without messing up the skin, then it might not even be a durable clear case. Overall, I do like the color and will most
likely buy a skin for my laptop because I prefer to keep that with no case and hate the space gray color.

My perfect gift

My husband purchased a new skin & case for me without me knowing. He chose the marble look which I absolutely love and gives it a very luxurious feel. I love my phone skin and recommend it to everyone

Unique just like the name

I purchased a skin and case for my wife a month before and it came out incredible. I decided to do the same and went with the plywood to look opposite to her marble. The skin is unique, masculine, I receive tons of compliments and applying it so easy. Next step is to match my laptop. Thanks Uniqfind

The ultimate phone envy at your fingertips!

I have been supporting UNIQFIND for the past seven years. All of my electronics are protected and secure with their products. The durability of the thick decal has survived an abundance of University days.
My most recent purchase for my iPhone 11 has proven that their products are consistent in quality. I couldn't recommend them enough.


The design is beautiful. Easy to apply :)
I loved it, my phone looks so cute.