February 12, 2016 2 min read

You’ve all asked – we’ve delivered. Introducing our new Marble iPhone Case with smart protection! What’s smart protection you ask? Well, we’ve heard you out – a good case requires a bumper to protect your screen from those drops that happen from time to time. Our new Marble iPhone Case is equipped with a raised edge (about 1 millimeter) over the glass/screen area of your beloved iPhone. No more heart-stopping drops that force you to hold your breathe upon picking up your phone to assess the damage. We’ve all been there!

What else is new? Our new Marble iPhone Cases have a beautiful finish. This time we’ve opted for an ultra-lux, high quality glossy finish. Not only does this finish aid in the ability to keep your case looking fresh and clean, it looks like a glossy little slab of marble! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous glossy marble! You know where we stand on this…

So aside from working better and looking better, we felt our cases should feel even better in your hand (who else constantly has their phone in their hands – it totally matters!). Our new Marble iPhone Case is made from a pliable plastic material. Unlike our old hard cases that snapped on, our new cases are more flexible allowing for an easier application – it’s like a hug for your iPhone!

Of course you still have easy access to all iPhone features. The case allows you to charge your phone, take crystal clear photos without case interference or glare, and direct access to all buttons. All in all, our new Marble iPhone Cases are smarter, prettier and better in every way – basically the whole package. Our iPhone's play such a critical role in our day-to-day lives; it’s time you did yours a favor and bought it a new outfit!