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Black Camo MacBook Case + Skin for Air 13-inch (2012-2017)

The Black Camo MacBook Case + Skin for MacBook Air 13-inch (2012-2017) is sleek, satisfying and truly elevated. Blend in by standing out with this unique Skin for MacBook Air 13-inch (2012-2017).

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan W.
A Uniqfind skin completes a MacBook or iPhone and daily delights the eye while signaling good taste.

There are two or three U.S. companies selling non-generic skins but none come close to the taste level of Uniqfind of Canada whose marble skins add a rare natural appearance to Apple's sleek devices. The sight of my MacBook Air M2 and iPhone 14 Pro in their Vanilla Marble skins is a constant source of delight to me and often generates compliments from others. Taste is obviously subjective but I strongly recommend investing in these skins as the $ pain shrinks with the online coupon and is overwhelmed by ongoing satisfaction. Emily, Matt, and Maria at Uniqfind could not be more helpful.

Great quality

The skin and case are great quality. It is exactly what I wanted. The case is sleek and fits perfectly.

I had to exchange due to an error on my part & customer service was excellent. I would definitely recommend this product and this seller.

Ava S.

this has been my dream laptop cover for literally 4 years and it was so special finally being able to buy my own laptop and pair it with this amazing design. I have seriously been in love with this design for so long and it looks perfect on my laptop!!!

Jeff D.
Quality all around

I genuinely love the wood grain style of my MacBook and like the protection the case provides. I had a customer service request that was promptly responded to and addressed quickly. This is the second time I have bought through Uniqfind, and I plan to make future purchases through them as well. Thank you!

tanaka s.
Very favorite‼︎‼︎

Just wearing this case makes you feel very good and makes your work fun!
I live in Japan and I want to say thank you for making it!

I like it so much that I want all Japanese people to use it!