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Pixel 3a Clear Case

The Clear Google Case is simple yet protective. Part of our Skin + Case Set, or used alone, this case will keep your Pixel 3a protected, and you stress-free.

Customer Reviews

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Mi K.
Four stars

Arrived on time for Pixel 3. Repeat purchase and remain a happy customer all the way from Malawi

Love the skin and case separately but not together

Skin is gorgeous and I love how it looks on my phone. It's hard to find cute cases for Pixel phones because they're not as widespread as something like iPhone so getting a skin was a great way to personalize it. Was not difficult to apply, just make sure you read the instructions all the way through before starting.
As others have said, the G logo is not a perfect cutout which is a little annoying. For me personally though it wasn't an issue because I use a magnetic phone holder in my car (and therefore stick a metal plate on the back of my phone that covers the G).
The case feels sturdy and protective, but I had trouble putting it on without damaging the skin that I just applied. I tried a few times but because it's not very flexible, whenever I snapped it on it would lift part of the skin. In the end opted to not use the case at all and just keep the skin on. Would still definitely recommend!

Ellen C.
Lovely Color

The coral is warm and vibrant. The skin and case make a good combo and a neat idea for a well-rounded product.

Emma P.

So much vibe! Finally, a case that I want to have on my phone for longer than a few weeks. Highly recommend it!

Courtney W.
Pixel 3 skin + case

Love the terrazzo design, it's so fun to look at. The case provides enough protection and goes smoothly over the skin. Perfect product for the design-oriented individual!