July 15, 2022 5 min read

We specialize in MacBook M2 Cases but what is the latest with the M2 chip in MacBooks? Well, after the much-awaited WWDC 2022, Apple announced that all their notorious Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models will be running on the new M2 chip. This latest announcement has Apple fans and the tech industry at large very excited. It marks a major step-up for the quality of Apple's laptops. It also throws it into competition with its Linux and Windows counterparts.

This new M2 model allows for much smoother running of Apple's 13-inch laptop range. The range was previously running behind in comparison to Apple's larger models for portable computers. In addition, one of the major benefits of the new Macbooks is their battery life. Reviewers are already finding that their usage of the new M2 Macbook Pro beats Apple's 20-hour video playback estimation.

Here at Uniqfind, we've worked hard to ensure that you'll have the perfect case to match when you purchase your new M2 Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. We offer the Macbook Air M2 Case and the Macbook Pro M2 case in various designs. All of them promise to capture the attention of anyone looking for a stylish and simple case for their new Macbook M2.

But before you start thinking about cases, why choose a Macbook with an M2 Chip at all!? Here's a quick breakdown of the new M2 chip and why you should consider buying a new Macbook with the chip installed:

The M2 Chip Explained

The M2 chip marks a transition from the intel chips that all Macs used to use before 2020. It implements components like the CPU, GPU, RAM, and image signal processors into one compact spot. This allows your Macbook to run at an optimum and efficient speed. To give that some everyday context, the M2 chip allows for 4x faster video processing than previous models and up to 7x faster image processing.

Previous to Apple's announcements, the M2 chip was only available in larger models of Macbooks such as the 14-inch Macbook Pro. However, as of WWDC 2022, this new M2 chip is now jam-packed in the 13-inch models of the new Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros. This means if you’re in the market for a new Macbook, the latest 2022 models will ensure that your laptop runs as smooth as butter!

Uniqfind Cases for the M2 Macbook Range

So, you’re sold on buying a new Macbook with the new M2 chip – we're glad to hear it! The next thing you will want to think about is how you will protect your new laptop. Despite their sleek and light aesthetics, Macbooks are notoriously fragile. Therefore, it's important to ensure you get a case for your new laptop. One that will afford you some leeway for any wear and tear.

Why settle for any boring old Macbook case when you can purchase a sleek and elegant Macbook Air M2 or Macbook Pro M2 case? Our cases are available in a wide range of designs. Plus they all offer durable hardshell protection as well as making your new laptop stand out!

The protection covers the surface of the Macbook. Therefore it can withstand much more wear and tear than if your Macbook has no case. Our team has strived tirelessly to ensure your Macbook will still look elegant and light, even with one of our cases applied. Each case comes with a skin that can be applied to your laptop. Either if it's just the top, the bottom, and the interior too!

Here’s an outline of some of our most popular cases to give your new Macbook a touch of personality:

Wood M2 Macbook Case
MacBook Air M2 Case in Wood

Our Wood Design is available for both the 2022 Macbook Pro M2 case and Macbook Air M2 case. This design is perfect for anyone looking for a sleek and classy case to cover their laptop. The swirly wood texture on this Macbook case is sure to make your laptop feel unique. It gives it a natural feel for anyone looking to spice up their Macbook exterior or interior!

Terrazo M2 Macbook Case
Terrazzo MacBook M2 Pro Case

Our Terrazzo Design is the perfect choice for your Macbook Pro M2 case or Macbook Air M2 case. This design is for anyone looking to maintain that classic Apple off-white sheen on their new M2 Macbook. With a bit of interesting texture into the mix for good measure. The stone-like surface is aimed to mimic a Terrazo tile with some subtle and elegant pops of colour. These will give your M2 Macbook Air or M2 Macbook Pro an elevated and friendly appearance.

Coral Marble M2 Macbook Case
MacBook Air M2 Cover in Coral Marble

If you're hunting for something slightly more bold for your new laptop case, our Coral Marble design will literally fit like a glove as a Macbook Pro M2 case or a Macbook Air M2 case. This pink case has a beautiful marble finish that will give your laptop a fresh pop of colour and personality. As one of the most visually striking Macbook cases in our range, this is the prime choice for anyone wanting to go bold with their new 2022 Macbook!

Black Speckle M2 Macbook Case
MacBook Pro M2 Case in Black Speckle

Perhaps you’re not a fan of having plenty of flashy colours on your new 2022 Macbook, and we don’t blame you! Not everyone is suited to the colourful lifestyle. If you’re looking for something a bit more reserved in the colour field, our Black Speckle Case is the perfect middle ground. It has a black and white colour scheme while still being visually striking with its white speckles splattered across.

Black Camo M2 Macbook Case
MacBook Air M2 Skin in Black Camo

Are the speckles from the previous Macbook case too much for you? Are you looking for something simple, stripped back and lowkey? Our Black Camo design is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to give their Macbook some protection and personality without looking to draw too much attention.

The design of this 2022 Macbook Air M2 case or Macbook Pro M2 case is made up of a black and dark grey colour scheme while still maintaining the personality and visual interest with its camo swirls. With this MacBook case, you can be sure to blend in while you stand out!


With faster processing speeds and significantly improved battery life, buying a 2022 Macbook Pro or Macbook Air is a no-brainer for anyone in the market for the best of what Apple has to offer. In addition, with the new 13-inch option announced at Apple's WWDC conference, you can pack an M2 chip in a portable space. This will allow you to have speedy processing on the go with your new laptop.

If you're scouting around in the market for a 2022 Macbook Air or Macbook Pro with the new M2 chip, then make sure you don't forget to buy a sleek-looking Macbook case too! Here at uniqfind, we offer a variety of designs for a Macbook Air M2 Case or a Macbook Pro M2 case.

Also, make sure to check out the entirety of our range of Macbook cases and Macbook skins at our shop. It could be our natural wood design, our staple Terrazo design, or even the subtle Black Camo design. No matter what, we're sure you will find the ideal MacBook M2 Cases for you, which will protect your new laptop in style!