Application Instructions

These tips and instructions can be used for all devices. The Application process is fairly easy, though should be done with patience and attention to detail. Please read these instructions completely before starting.

1. Clean your device and hands thoroughly before you start. Avoid using solvents or cleaners on the device, a soft cloth is best, and be sure it’s dry. Work in a well lit, clean and stable space.

2. Familiarize yourself with the Skin pieces and where they go on your device by removing all unnecessary cut-out areas (Apple logo, camera and flash areas, buttons etc.). Be sure to peel all pieces from the backing paper slowlyso the Skin is not stretched or torn. 

NOTE: You can use the backing paper to assist you in application for any areas you do not yet want the Skin to adhere to - this is extra helpful when applying iPhone, iPad and Samsung front pieces. 

3. For MacBook skins, start peeling the skin from the backing paper in the top right corner (Apple logo facing upright). When applying all skins, start by aligning the edges making sure they straight, while fitting the Apple logo cutout over the logo area. Take your time with this. Readjust as many times as necessary before pressing down and securing the skin.

4. Once you’re happy with the alignment of your skin, firmly press the skin to your device. Continue pressing and smoothing out the Skin on the device, especially around the edges. You may wish to use a flat edge (credit card, ruler etc.) to assist you in smoothing out the skin. Repeat this several times. If small air bubbles form, don’t worry, the channeled adhesive allows for bubbles to be pressed and smoothed away - a flat edge makes this extra easy. 

NOTE: If you've opted for a Clear Case, now you're ready to clip the case overtop of the skin. For MacBooks, begin with the bottom piece, then the top piece. You'll notice there are clip-like areas. Firmly press these areas to your device - you'll hear them click into place. For iPhones and Samsungs, carefully press the case to the device beginning in any corner area. Slowly repeat this for the remaining corner areas.

5. You're done. Time to go show off your new and improved device with the world! When doing so, don't forget to tag us on social - enjoy!

MacBook Skin Application Tutorial

iPhone Skin Application Tutorial

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