#TravelUniq - Iceland

March 06, 2018 2 min read

Travel forces us to interact with the world in new ways – so does our tech. The #TravelUniq series is here to merge tech and travel in a Uniq way, a way that enforces. From travel tips to inspiring photography, #TravelUniq explores the journey of us travelling with our tech. 

Pictured: Skógafoss



Download some of your most beloved Spotify playlists, rent a car, get up early, and drive. The Golden Circle (a route of southern Iceland’s most iconic landmarks) will blow you away. Our top recommendations are Geysir, Kerið and Skógafoss. Also, if you have extra time, the black sand beach in Víc was also amazing – bring a drone!


Pictured: The Golden Circle tour

Pictured: The Wood Samsung skin at Kerið

Pictured: The Wood Samsung decal atKerið


When in Iceland, you’re going to crave hearty meals – it’s the weather. In Reykjavík there are a few standouts when it comes to fueling / refueling on comforting classics. Be sure to check out Sandholt (fresh bread and flakey pastries) and Messinn (the arctic char is a must – you’ll be back for seconds and thirds).

Pictured: Reykjavík

Pictured: The Black Marble MacBook skin in Reykjavík


The perfect way to end your trip to Iceland is a visit to the Blue Lagoon. For ultimate relaxation, stay your final night at the lagoon or take a dip before making your way to the Airport. A quick tip, don’t wear your most expensive bather – the silica in the water really does a number on the fabric, also heavily coat your hair in their amazing conditioner before entering the water to protect it.

Pictured: The Black Marble iPhone skin at the Blue Lagoon

Pictured: The Black Marble iPhone decal at the Blue Lagoon 


Bring extra socks. Then when you think you’ve packed enough, pack 3 more. If you don’t have base layers, invest in some. You can’t beat Merino. Also, if you don’t already have a raincoat, it’s time to get one. Finally, a portable charger will definitely come in handy with all the pictures you’ll be taking. Don’t forgot to wrap your device in a Uniqfind skin!

Pictured: The Vanilla Marble iPhone skin

Pictured: The Vanilla Marble iPhone decal