What's a Skin?

Our skins are sticker-like in form made from a premium vinyl material. Our skins are intended to enhance the natural physical appearance of the device in its innate form; because let’s admit, they're beautiful au natural. Our skins do not add any volume to the overall look and feel of your device; rather they offer a simple, more minimalist form or protection.

What's the Skin + Case option?

The Skin + Case option comes with two components: the Skin, plus a Clear Case. The Clear Case for MacBooks comes with a top and a vented bottom piece. The Clear Case for iPhones is one single unit case. The Skin is designed to be applied to the device exterior, directly. The Clear Case is designed to clip over the Skin for added protection. We recommend this option for those looking for a more heavy-duty protection for on-the-go use.

What type of adhesive does the Skin have?

Uniqfind uses the highest grade adhesive on the market - 3M. Our 3M adhesive is equipped with Controltac technology allowing for easy, bubble-free application, and complete residue-free removal. After extensive testing, we stand 100% stand behind our product quality. 

What are the Clear Cases made from?

Our Clear Hard Cases for MacBooks are constructed from light-weight polycarbonate. Our polycarbonate is very dense, making the case strong and durable, yet maintaining a sleek and elegant look for users. Our Clear Cases for iPhones and Samsungs are made from a pliable TPU material. Our TPU is shock-absorbent, protecting the device when dropped on even surfaces.

How do I find my exact MacBook Model?

A common question! Simply click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen, then select About This Mac, finally click More Infoand your MacBook model should display.

MacBook Air 11.6" = A1370 / A1465 - for short "Air 11"
MacBook 12" = A1534 - for short "MacBook 12"
MacBook Air 13.3" = A1369 / A1466 - for short "Air 13"
MacBook Pro 13.3" (build-in LCD display) = A1278 - for short "Pro 13"
MacBook Pro Retina 13" = A1425 / A1502 - for short "Pro Retina 13"
MacBook Pro 15.4" (build-in LCD display) = A1286 - for short "Pro 15"
MacBook Pro Retina 15.4" = A1398 - for short "Pro Retina 15"
MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13" = A1706 - for short "Pro Touch Bar 13"
MacBook Pro No Touch Bar 13" = A1708/A1989 - for short "Pro No Touch Bar 13"
MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15" = A1707/A1990 - for short "Pro Touch Bar 15"
MacBook Air (Retina, 13", 2018) = A1932 - for short "Air Retina 13"

Why isn't there a Skin for the bottom of my MacBook?

We're going to get all technical on you, so bear with us as this is very important to understand. The entire aluminum lower case is a component of the machine's cooling system, absorbing heat from the very hot internal components and releasing it by convection to the air outside and by radiation to other things outside. A skin impairs radiational cooling and prevents convective cooling from the underside of the laptop, forcing the single internal fan to work harder (i.e., spin faster and more noisily) to keep the laptop at a safe temperature, and also causing the keyboard and wrist rest surfaces to be hotter than they otherwise would. Operating the laptop in this condition with a high level of heat in extended periods will likely decrease the life of your MacBook. For this reason, we have chosen to not produce a bottom skin.

Why don't I have a tracking number with my order?

You most likely selected Standard International shipping. There is no tracking feature included with this service. There is an option to track your order; however, in this case you would have had to select an express international option (which costs extra). We recommend selecting this option if tracking is important to you.

What are my payment options?

We happily accept Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.