White Marble PopSockets Skin

The White Marble PopSockets Skin is where it all began. It’s a true contemporary classic. Wrap your PopSockets in this timeless print for the perfect touch of modern.

*PopSocket not included*

Customer Reviews

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Yolanda G.
All dressed up

Love ❤️ love this product. Makes my work space Happier place

Overall good product

I love the fact that Uniqfind offers popsocket skins because I couldn’t find anything nearly as similar as my Vanilla Marble and given that my phone, Mac, and airpods all had the same skin I didn’t want to ruin the aesthetic. But, would have preferred however an option where the pop socket comes with it even if it’s more expensive because the skin itself doesn’t completely cover old pop socket so I can still see the rim of the pop socket which is a different print than everything else.

恭子 泉.
Love it!

Good item. It’s so nice!

Looks cute, great fit

Looks cute! I stuck it onto a free promo pop socket I had and it’s perfect. The text underneath shows through ever so slightly so it’s a tiny bit sheer, but I don’t mind.