Holiday Shipping

Holiday Shipping

Shipping Destinations

Uniqfind ships to most countries, excluding Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Kosovo, Syria, Sudan and Somalia. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Processing Times

Orders are usually processed within 1-2 business days, starting from the following day after the order was placed. If for some reason processing times are longer than usual, we will notify you via email. Please note, we ship Monday through Friday 9-5 EST. This excludes weekends and major holidays.

Canadian Shipping

For the standard shipping option, we use an expedited service that takes approximately 1-5 business days to arrive from the ship date. Express service times will vary.

United States Shipping

For the standard shipping option, we use a fully-tracked ground shipping service that takes approximately 2-7 business days to arrive from the ship date. Please allow for at least one day for the tracking to be updated with the first scan after the order ships. Express service times will vary.

International Shipping

For the standard shipping option, we use a non-tracked air shipping service that takes an estimated 6-18 business days to arrive from the ship date. International shipping does vary in time depending on exact location. Please note, this does not include any delays experienced at customs. Express shipping times will vary.

Tracked International Shipping

If you chose a tracked international shipping option, please be aware that your package may be handed off to numerous agents or forwarders along the way or for final delivery. Please make sure to look out for links to partner agents in the main tracking page to get the most up-to-date tracking information for your shipment.

Customs, Taxes, Duties, and Tariffs 

Uniqfind is not responsible for customs, taxes, duties and tariffs. These charges are set by your country – we are not able to influence or control the rate at which you are charged. We suggest you contact your country’s customs office if you are concerned about the charges that may occur. Again, Uniqfind does not set these rates, nor do we have control over them.

Important Info

Upon placing an order, Uniqfind will send two confirmation emails: the order confirmation email and the shipping confirmation email. Please be sure to check each email to ensure all information has been entered correctly at checkout.

If you notice any mistakes, please email right away so we can attempt to correct this for you. We can only correct errors prior to shipment. If the error is not caught prior to shipment, Uniqfind reserves the right to charge a re-shipment fee.

Still have questions? Email for further information.