Rosé Glitter MacBook Case + Skin for Pro 15-inch (Retina, 2012-2015)

Skin Coverage
Protection What's this?
  • The Rosé Glitter MacBook Skin for MacBook Pro 15-inch (Retina, 2012-2015) is truly alluring. Wrap your Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Retina, 2012-2015) with this stunning decal then immediately pour yourself a glass of bubbly - happiness guaranteed.

Multi-Level Protection

More than a MacBook case.

Unique MacBook covers are our thing.

Our MacBook protection system offers twice the protection to other alternatives. We achieve this through MacBook Skin + Case protection, or multi-level protection. We give you the option to pick what level of MacBook protection you prefer. Each option has a varying degree of coverage, but all have a standout end result. Here’s how it works.

The MacBook skin is the first layer of protection. It adheres to your MacBook to defend against dust, oils and scuffs to your MacBook. You may opt for just a top MacBook skin, or the full coverage MacBook skin which comes with a top MacBook skin, a bottom MacBook Skin, and an interior MacBook Skin. The full coverage option gives your MacBook a stunning, cohesive look. Other MacBook cases tend to only have the design on the top area, not the bottom or inside. This is the beauty of our concept. Uniqfind MacBook covers give you the opportunity to carry the design from the top, to the bottom, and inside of your MacBook. 

The second layer of protection (should you choose this option) is the clear MacBook case. The clear MacBook hard case comes with a top and bottom piece. The clear case has been specifically engineered to clip overtop of your Uniqfind MacBook skin for added protection. The result is a beautiful, glossy, highly protected MacBook. Clear MacBook cases can be purchased separately or as a kit by selecting the MacBook Skin + Case protection option. This is truly what makes us unique.

Trendy, yet timeless MacBook protection.

Whether you’re into the classic look of our white marble MacBook case, looking to make a statement with our black hyper marble MacBook case, embrace nature with our wood MacBook case, refine your workspace with our concrete MacBook case, keep things clean and in line with our white grid MacBook case, or maybe add some playfulness to your desk with our terrazzo MacBook case - I think you get it, we literally have something for everyone. 

We bring to you only designs that elevate the stunning aesthetic of MacBooks in their bare form. We feel MacBook cases shouldn’t cheapen the look and feel of the device for the sake of protection, but instead elevate and enhance the look of your MacBook while keeping it safe and secure. Though most of our designs follow trends, they carry through seasons with ease. 

When you’re ready for a new design however, our unique MacBook protection system allows you to switch out the design (the skin) and re-apply your MacBook clear case. This means, less plastic waste than the standard, run-of-the-mill 2-piece case. We like to think of our MacBook case as beautiful, unique protection for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Meticulously designed MacBook cases

It all starts with the MacBook skin, or, as some like to call it, a MacBook decal or MacBook wrap. Our MacBook decals are printed using top-of-the-line printers on premium decal material specifically intended for this use - 3M ControlTac. This material ensures smooth, bubble-free application, and 100% residue-free removal (even after years of use). MacBook wraps are specifically engineered for each MacBook model, and precision-cut using cutting-edge laser technology. Our MacBook Skins perfectly expose all device features and ports.

Our second step of protection, the MacBook clear case, is made from a lightweight, yet dense and highly durable polycarbonate material. Our hard MacBook cases have a glossy finish for a lustrous, luxurious end result. Our clear MacBook case is equipped with rubber bumpers on it’s base to keep your MacBook safe and in place. The clear case is designed with a vented bottom area that ensures device cooling is completely unaffected.

Matching MacBook and iPhone cases

We offer the same protection system for your phone. Whether you’re in need of a matching iPhone Case, Pixel case, Galaxy case, or Huawei case - we’ve got you covered, literally. Achieve another level of protection and style with a matching iPhone case. Maybe you love the highly satisfying look of all your tech in one design. Or, maybe you like the look of mixing and matching designs for a truly unique look. Whatever your style is, we’re here to make all of your tech look the best it’s ever looked.