White Marble MacBook Case + Skin for 12-inch

The White Marble MacBook 12-inch Skin is where it all began. It’s a true contemporary classic. Wrap your Apple MacBook 12-inch in this timeless print for the perfect touch of modern.

Customer Reviews

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Martha R.
First Class Skin for a First Class Product

Easy to apply and looks fantastic while it protects your laptop in style. A first class product. I highly recommend the clear protector front and back. When you spend this kind of money on a product it pays to protect it the best way you can and Uniqfind has found the way.

Willis C.
Uniqfind Concrete Skin and Clear Case

Excellent quality and look with the Concrete skin! Many have commented that they really like the look. It's even better when you add the Uniqfind Clear Case because it adds a "shine" to your
Apple MacBook. Both products were super easy to install, and I feel like my MacBook Air is well protected from scratches and dings. I would definitely recommend the Uniqfind skin plus Clear Case to provide the extra protection you are looking for.

Divesh S.
Best design so far

I’ve order lots of different cases over the year, this is by far the best design, feel and fit for my M2 MacBook Air. Easy to install and take off, feels natural to hold in your hand. 100% would recommend.

Great quality and design

The uniquefind skin has been one of my dream skin Ive been wanting to get, and finally got it on hand! The skin is of great quality and design. Highly recommended.

Jonathan W.
A Uniqfind skin completes a MacBook or iPhone and daily delights the eye while signaling good taste.

There are two or three U.S. companies selling non-generic skins but none come close to the taste level of Uniqfind of Canada whose marble skins add a rare natural appearance to Apple's sleek devices. The sight of my MacBook Air M2 and iPhone 14 Pro in their Vanilla Marble skins is a constant source of delight to me and often generates compliments from others. Taste is obviously subjective but I strongly recommend investing in these skins as the $ pain shrinks with the online coupon and is overwhelmed by ongoing satisfaction. Emily, Matt, and Maria at Uniqfind could not be more helpful.